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  • Instant access for 2 years to all the video sessions from 35 renowned Eastern and Western spiritual leaders, teachers and coaches
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Our experts from 5 continents share their most valuable insights that will help you reconnect to your highest qualities of Love, Peace and Joy within.

They will offer you practical tips and tools that work as shortcuts in your journey towards a more joyous, fulfilled and radiant life.

How can Mindful Joy Online Summit help you?

  • Gracefully navigate through the challenges of life
  • Connect to your heart's love and wisdom
  • Build strong and harmonious relationships starting with yourself!
  • Let go of negativity and experience your True Self in the face of uncertainty
  • Reconnect to the magnificent being that you are at the core
  • Expand beyond your fears
  • Boost your self-worth and connect to your natural state of joy and abundance
  • See  goodness in yourself, in others and in the world
  • Heal and transform pain and sadness

Please note that each session is FREE to watch for 24 hours 

during the days of the Summit: 5-10 November 2020 

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No problem! Watch at your leisure with PREMIUM Pass.

It gives you access to all the sessions instantly and on demand for 2 years (including the BONUSES!)

You can replay the videos and meditations, go deeper into the teachings, and apply the knowledge shared by our experts at your own pace.

Awakening to who we are and contributing to

a better world has never been more urgent

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When I received the email about the Mindful Joy Summit I went to buy it straight away! I had a strong feeling that it would be a beneficial investment specially at this time of my life, even more so in the general situation we are living.

I am really enjoying every single interview, each day I listen to two, maybe three, at my own time, and not surprisingly, every talk is relevant to what is happening with me at that time!

I love Virginia’s natural, bright and positive style, and I cannot thank enough all the team of speakers for sharing their knowledge, wisdom and caring love for all of us, it’s so inspiring and invaluable!

I am nearly finishing listening to all the interviews, haven’t had the time yet for enjoying the bonuses, but that is another thing that I am so happy about the summit, it’s not just the talks, there are a lot more tools to put in practice the shared information.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Virginia, Rupesh and all the team!!

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Immediate Access to +35 Video Sessions with some of the world’s most sought-after spiritual leaders and teachers offering their wisdom, tools and powerful guided meditations that can help you transform your life. 

Access to +3O hours of audio content. We have converted all the video sessions into MP3 so that you can download the teachings and listen at your convenience. No internet connection needed!


Gary Craig

Optimal EFT recorded webinar

Swami Aliananda Paramahansa

LIVE Christmas Event in December 2020

Jhaimy Alvarez Acosta

LIVE Workshop - An Introduction to the Andean Worldview: Living in a Good Way With All That Is

Gary Ramsey

LIVE Alexander Technique Webinar  

Swami Chitananda

LIVE Q&A Webinar with the "Spirtual Mechanic"

Sylvia de la Luz

LIVE Workshop: Touching the root of fear to find healing and freedom.

Sandra Pineda

Live Psychogenealogy Webinar

Virginia & Rupesh

12-month Mindful Joy Membership: Includes live zoom sessions, private spiritual community and more!

You get ALL these bonuses (worth $799) for FREE with PREMIUM Pass!

East Meets West in the unravelling of the truth of who we are as peaceful loving beings

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