Awakening to Inner Peace and Joy 

in Daily Life

25 renowned Eastern and Western spiritual leaders, teachers and coaches share insights and practical tools for experiencing peace and joy during challenging times.

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​​2-year ​access to 25+ Video Sessions with some of the world’s most sought-after spiritual teachers and coaches offering wisdom, tools and powerful guided meditations that can help you transform your life.​ 

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Live Optimal EFT Webinar with Gary Craig (Founder of EFT Tapping)

This is a rare opportunity as this webinar is offered exclusively for Mindful Joy Summit. Gary Craig will be sharing the latest developments of ‘Optimal EFT’. This tool can help you connect to the Ultimate Source of Love to find peace and healing. (More powerful than EFT and no tapping required). It is advisable (although not a requirement) to read Gary Craig's short e-book "The Unseen Therapist" in advance (available for FREE on Gary Craig will be answering all your questions.


Live ​Expansion Game Masterclass with ​Gosia Gorna

In this session Gosia Gorna - the creator of the Expansion Game is going to share with you how you can change your fear into success, impact and JOY.

Value: US$190 (Included for FREE with Premium Package)


​Boost your health with simple Energy Exercises and your Happy Hormones - Masterclass with ​Montse Kamala

​Learn a few tools that will help you restore your happiness and well-being naturally, taking responsibility for yourself.
Value: US$55 (Included for FREE with Premium Package)


​Live Beginners Kriya Yoga Workshop with Swami Aliananda Paramahansa

​Kriya Yoga breathing is an ancient and sacred practice passed down by Mahavatar Babaji in the Himalayas to his disciple, Swami Aliananda Paramahansa. The five breaths of Kriya Yoga will be taught in depth, enhanced by wonderful guided meditations that will allow you to go deep within to find peace and stillness.
This workshop is accessed through Zoom on 2 consecutive weekends (four sessions of 2 hours each).
​Value: US$200 (Included for FREE with Premium Package)


Live ​Mindfulness-Awareness Meditation with ​Michael Carroll

​Learn how Meditation unleashes your natural wisdom (75 minutes)

1.    Brief introduction of what Mindful Awareness Meditation is
2.    Instruction and Q&A
3.    Explanation of how meditation unfolds in everyday life

BONUS​ ​​6

​The Power of Breath for Peace - Masterclass with ​Paul Wales

​Find your Breath and Return to the power within.
​Value: US$55 (Included for FREE with Premium Package)

BONUS​ ​​​7

​50% off from ​​4-week Mindfulness Course with ​Jon Unal

​Boost your mindfulness skills and let go of stress.
Find calm and clarity in everyday life in just 4 weeks.
Value: US$300 – ​with Premium Package you save US$150 when you register on this course.

​You get these bonuses ​worth ​over $​799 for ​FREE ​with PREMIUM Package!

Take the FIRST STEP to manifest more peace and joy in your life!

  • ​​Do you feel anxious or fearful about the changes going on in the world?
  • ​​Do you feel overwhelmed by the demands of work or family life?
  • ​​Do you sense a more fulfilling and meaningful way of living is possible?
  • Are you longing for more peace and joy in your day to day?
  • ​​​Are you tired of the negativity and lack of hope around?
  • ​​​Are you frustrated with your life even if you have everything you aimed for?
  • ​Do you want to stop operating on automatic pilot and wake up to your full potential?
  • ​Do you feel life is pushing you along? Do you lack motivation and enthusiasm?

If the answer is YES to ​any of these questions…

Search no further! Our team of experts will lovingly share with you a universal message of conscious living. They will show you, from a variety of perspectives and styles, the way forward to emerging to your highest potential of peace, love and joy. You will learn how to start manifesting these qualities in your daily life and, altogether, we can build a better world.

Whether you have been exploring for a while or have only just began looking for answers, you will find the knowledge and tools that will take you to the next level of awakening.

Through four main ​themes, 25 experts will show you how to manifest peace and joy in your every day life

​It's all within

We all want to experience more happiness, love and peace in our relationships, at work and at home

There is no need to look far… you already have what you are looking for!

 Letting go of the baggage

Excessive thinking and limiting beliefs distance ourselves from the wonderful beings that we are and take us into the illusion of experiencing a smaller version of ourselves.

Discover how to change thinking patterns to your advantage, keep the vision of your Higher Self and express your true potential in every aspect of your life.

​Manifesting the dream

​Learn how to use the awareness of your inner qualities to bring them to life and have the strength to gracefully navigate through the challenges of day to day life.

Practical tools to support the awakening process

Learn how to use some of the most effective tools and practices that work as shortcuts for reconnecting with your magnificent essence.

These include Optimal Emotional Freedom technique (OEFT), Mindfulness, Kriya Yoga Meditation, Raja Yoga Meditation, Ho'oponopono, Feng Shui and how to connect with angels.

These are the 25 speakers who will be sharing insights and practical tools with you...

Gary Craig

Experience peace with Optimal EFT

Connect to the Unseen Therapist's Unconditional Love for ultimate healing

Marie Diamond

Using Feng Shui for peace and joy

Simple, practical and easy tips to create a better living environment

Sister Jayanti

Raja Yoga Meditation

How meditation can help you become peaceful and share it with the world

Mabel Katz

Ho’oponopono – an easy way to peace and happiness

Discover the power of “Thank You” and “I love you” to align with your divinity within

Peggy Rubin

The Path for Joy

Discover joy and aliveness in everything through simple awareness

Diane Musho Hamilton

Compassionate ConversationS

Learn how to use differences to grow

Gosia Gorna

Transforming fear into brilliance

Turn your fears into gateways of expansion for your own and the world's benefit

Keith Leon

connecting to your inner wisdom

Learn how to invite the angelic help that is available to all of us

Jackie Woodside

The Art of Managing your Energy

Learn how to stay at peace while being productive

Swami Aliananda Paramahansa

Kriya Yoga Meditation

Experience peace using the power of the breath

Montse Kamala

Happiness in the face of uncertainty

Learn how to grow happiness within regardless of what's going on outside

Patricia Espinoza

ManifestING Joy in life

Learn a step-by-step process to go up the emotional scale

​Ken O'Donnell

​Think less, think better, think great

​​Address the demands of life as the director of your many roles​

​Frances Xu

​Choosing happiness

​Learn how to look for happiness where it can be found

Gaurav Gaur

peace in the storms of life

Navigate gracefully through the challenges of life

​Anne ​Bérubé

​Love as who we are at the core

​How to connect to the source of unconditional love within

​Michael Carroll

​Mindfulness in the Workplace

​Rediscovering our wisdom and compassion in everyday life

​Aruna Ladva

​The Art of Relationships

Build strong, harmonious connections starting with the self!

​Jon Unal

​Less stress and more joy with mindfulness

A straight-forward process to activate elevated emotions

​Sarah Joanne Ashurst

From stress to ease

Flow with peace and joy with the help of angels

Marcia O'Regan

How to upgrade your self-worth

Connect to your natural state of joy and abundance 

John McConnel

Goodbye to frustration and anger

A four-step process to let go of anger and lead a happier and more fulfilled life

Sonia Herrero

the joy behind your feminine qualities

Learn how to cultivate the feminine qualities that all men and women have

​Virginia Castel-Srivastava


​A personal story

Dr Rupesh Srivastava

The language of peace

​Making peace a priority for your life


Gary Craig

Sister Jayanti

Swami Aliananda Paramahansa

Gosia Gorna

Harnessing your potential in the midst of crisis

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​East Meets West in the unravelling of the truth of who we are as peaceful loving beings

What are the benefits of signing up to Mindful Joy Summit?

You will learn how to...

See goodness in yourself, in others and in the world

Connect to the source of Unconditional Love and find peace and healing

Discover joy and aliveness in everything through simple awareness and practice

Rediscover your wisdom and compassion in everyday life

Let go of negative emotions and bring in peace and love in your life

​Emerge to the highest version of yourself, stay strong and bring positivity to your home and the world

Build strong and harmonious relationships starting with yourself!

Reduce stress and increase joy 

Here's what to look forward to

From the comfort of your home

Tour around Eastern and the Western wisdom with no need to travel! Just switch on your device and join this event with leading experts from five continents!

10+ downloadable gifts

Access guided meditations, ebooks and other digital resources that our speakers have prepared for you especially!

20+ hours of content

Jewels of knowledge, powerful meditations and practical tools. All available at no cost for a limited time only. There is also an affordable option you can access instantly and long term…. Make the most of it!

​Join the global awakening movement

​Love, Joy, Peace and Truth are available to us all. Never before had it been more urgent to wake up to our birth right. Join our team of experts and learn how to dive deep into your magnificence.

Start your journey to inner peace and joy

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mindful Joy Online Summit?

Mindful Joy Online Summit is a free virtual five-day conference. 25 Eastern and Western experts will share their wisdom and practical tools to awaken to inner peace and joy despite the challenges of daily life.

Who should attend?

​The summit is offered to anyone who is looking for more peace and joy in their lives whether you have been searching for a while or have only just started this search.

Why have we created this summit?

​We have created this summit because we believe peace, love and joy are the only way forward for creating a better reality for ourselves and the world. We don’t need to do it all alone. We are sharing the result of the collaborative work with some of the leading teachers on this field who guide the way with their wisdom, years of experience and tools. We are going through big changes in the world and wakening to who we are has become more relevant and urgent than ever. We would love you to join us too!

Who are the experts of the conference?

​Eastern and Western Spiritual leaders, teachers and coaches. People like you or me who have been on this journey for long and have acquired number of tools and wisdom to share. They are passing on what they have learnt over time to make it easier and faster for you to tap into the peace, love, truth and joy that is your birth right.

​Meet your host

My name is Virginia Castel-Srivastava. I grew up as a shy girl in Mendoza, Argentina, where I trained as a language teacher. I have been living and teaching Spanish in the UK for over 15 years.

Since I can remember, I was keen to learn about myself and how I could best relate with others. Without knowing I was searching for God. This took me to explore many routes – from religion, self-development and healing to spirituality.

In 2015 I experienced a life-threatening illness that took me deeper into myself. I connected very closely to the fear of death and at the same time to the Source of Love – I knew this life is only a small part of a big journey and I felt the greatest sense of peace I had experienced until then.

I understood life is to be celebrated doing what brings us joy and serving with love. I made the commitment to pursue what I believe is the only way forward for happiness and a better world: emerging to our potential of love, peace and joy.

Despite my insecurities, I said 'yes' to creating the summit, coming out of my shell, to assemble 25 inspiring speakers for the benefit of all.

I would not have come this far without the unconditional support of Dr Rupesh Srivastava, who has enabled the birth of this summit with his many skills, meticulous work and dedication from behind the scenes.

It has been a joy to be part of this collaborative project made with love. It is my hope that the message of all the voices put together will take you to the next level in your own awakening journey.